10 Strange Fashion Trends of 2017

Let’s just recap, 2017 was a very strange year, and it was filled with very strange trends. By looking at all these trends I had to think “Who the heck would think of this?”. I mean come on, let’s be real… furry nails? It was almost comincal about how expensive some of this stuff was. I saw a dress with the “I love our customers” that sold for $737. Let’s just recap the trends:

1. Moschino’s dry cleaner dress


Well just….. wow! I mean I don’t want to step on “fashion” but this dress was $747! This dress definetly gets extra points for the creativity and the clothes hanger in her hair.

2. Furrry Nails

IMAGE: breakrulesnotnails.com

This was the most mild photo I can find. There were ones of Chewbacca, like the Star Wars Chewy. This trend is kinda cool but how do you eat? I mean, wouldn’t the food get all stuck in there. *shudder*. NEXT!

3. $3,000 Straw Hat Dress


Someone could probobaly DIY this, but I guess the shiny $3,000 price tag makes people feel special. This is definetly for people who want easy on the go shade protecters.

4. Clear Jeans

IMAGE: shemazing.net

These were so popular I actually saw them in FOREVER21. I was a little confused on how do wear this but it doesn’t look too terrible. These are for the people who want to show off their sexy underwear 😉

5. Ripped Stockings


So you can buy these pre-ripped. When you really think about it, these stokcings are like riped jeans.

6. Double Jeans

IMAGE SOURCE: media.boingboing.com

For those days you can’t decide which jeans to wear.

7. Detachable Jeans

IMAGE SOURCE: assets.nydailynews.com

People litterally do everything with denim. This includes making a pair of shorts and pants in one. *sigh*

8. Huge Ruffles

IMAGE SOURCE: pinterest.com

Should I even ask why?

9. Dirty Jeans

IMAGE SOURCE: nordstroms.com

Whats wrong with  normal jeans?

10. Male Rompers


The best for last. Male rompers. Do I have to say anything!?